Qiang Di and Ancient Poetry


Li Bai

Smell the Flute in the Midnight of Qingxi

Qiang Di plum blossom introduction, Wuxi Longshui.

Qiupu moon in cold mountain, the sound of broken bowels and Yuguan.

CEN Shen

White Snow Song Sends Military Judge to Beijing

The north wind whirls the grass, and Hu Tian snows in August.

Suddenly, as the spring breeze comes overnight, thousands of trees and pears blossom.

The fox fur is not warm and beautiful when the bead curtain is wet.

The general's horn bow is out of control and his iron jacket is cold.

The vast ocean dried up with ice and clouds bleak and congealed for thousands of miles.

The Chinese Army bought wine and drinks and returned guests, huqin Pipa and Qiang flute.

One after another, the red flag is frozen in the wind.

The east gate of Luntai sent you to Tianshan Road when it was snowy.

The mountain circuit can't see the gentleman, and the horse walks are left over the snow.

Wang Zhihuan

Liangzhou Ci

The Yellow River is far above the white clouds, a lonely city of Wangeshan.

Why do Qiang flutes complain about willows and spring breeze does not pass through Yumen Pass?

Looking at the clouds in the North alone, he killed Madden altar several times.

The emperor of the Han family is so martial today that he refuses to return with his relatives.

PS: Legend has it that Ji Xiaolan in the Qing Dynasty was quick-witted and got rid of a predicament.

Ji Xiaolan was a great scholar in the reign of Emperor Qianlong. Emperor Qianlong liked him for his agility. Once he was asked to inscribe on the folding fan, he wrote Wang Zhihuan's Liangzhou Ci. However, the gifted man carelessly missed the first sentence of "between".

Emperor Qianlong found out, did not say anything, but asked him to read the words. Ji Xiaolan took a look at it and understood it, but he was very quick. He read it into a long short sentence without hurry: "The Yellow River is far up / Baiyun is a piece / Gucheng Wanqishan / Qiangdi why complain / Yangliuchunfeng / not crossing Yumen Pass." Enough to reflect Ji Xiaolan's wisdom.

Wang Changling

"Seven Soldiers" (one)

A hundred feet west of the beacon fire city, dusk alone Shanghai Fengqiu.

More Qiang Di Guan Shan Yue, without the golden boudoir in all sorrow.