Red Leaf Festival in Songpinggou Scenic Area


Pingpinggou Red Leaf Festival starts in midOctober every year and lasts for about one month. The best viewing period is in late October. The earliest red leaves are located at the elevation of Yuerzhaigou, gradually downward, extending to the Baishihai and Bailazhaizhai surrounding areas.

The red leaves of Yuerzhai in Songpinggou are easily missed. It is more convenient for selfriving tourists. Starting from Bailazhai, about 6 kilometers'drive can enter the best red leaves viewing area in the ditch. From the color level, the ditch is the most abundant area of red leaves, red, yellow, green, orange, brilliant, parking and viewing, red leaves near the eyes, thus becoming the best area for viewing and photographing.

Red leaves in Bailazhaihai area are mostly yellow, orange and green, with strong autumn rhyme. It is the base of many art academies in Sichuan. There are more than 1000 teachers and students who come to sketch every year.

Songpinggou Red Leaf has great personality and advantages in color expression, ornamental area, and comprehensive aspects of Haizi, waterfall, primitive forest, water scenery and humanities. Compared with Baoxing Dongla Mountain, Shenmuli Mountain and Bipenggou, Lixian County, Songpinggou Red Leaf Scenic Area is only poor in propaganda. From the performance analysis of tourists'satisfaction, Songpinggou is gradually becoming a new scenic spot of red leaves in Sichuan.